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Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing Solutions to Maximize Your Revenue and Dispose of Missed Opportunities.



Who We Are

Ancillary Healthcare Management is more than just your average medical billing company going after low hanging fruit. We maximize revenues and dispose of missed collection opportunities on every claim submitted as well as offer an array of very niche practice management services.

AHM has a medical billing solution providing complete transparency of your business’ revenue cycle and simplifying all related tasks. We service our healthcare organizations in a manner that generates more income, more control into your revenue cycle while eliminating burdensome and repetitive tasks.


White Glove Service

AHM’s tech-billing services are compatible across numerous platforms ensuring seamless integration.


  • Practice designated personal concierge
  • There will be an actual person on the other end of the interaction
  • We treat you as if you’re our only client
  • Your revenue cycle’s status is always at your fingertips


  • Enhance your conversion ratio and get the reimbursement you’re entitled to
  • Our team of subject matter experts see denials through the claim’s completion


  • Clean claims ensure money finds your bank account faster
  • Advanced quality control of submissions equates to claims are accepted on the initial attempt

Additional Medical
Billing Services

  • Medically related coding services
  • Charge Optimization /  Provider education is always available
  • Comprehensive chart review acknowledging that any or all evaluated conditions are retained from the diagnostic interaction
  • Top tier primary source verification services, highest level provider credentialing/enrollment
  • Totally do away with demanding administrative obstacles typical of  revenue cycles


More About Us

At its core, AHM is an advanced practice management system in form, which, upgrades the efficiency of every healthcare specialty in function. This intuitive user interface platform curtails to the specific requirements of your organization’s size and forte. Business intelligence analytics include:

  • Complete revenue cycle management reporting and functionality
  • Thorough financial reports and “user-specific visibility controls”
  • Out of the box integration boasting 30+ EMR integrations
  • Delivering real-time eligibility/benefits authorizations
  • Cloud Based


Our National

We’re headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and since 2012 nationwide businesses of all sizes spanning the breadth of various healthcare realms have sought out and benefited from AHM’s vast expertise and resourceful solutions. We pride ourselves with the competency to capture revenue in its entirety, streamline operating costs, and brilliantly mitigate the challenges of healthcare’s evergreen nature. The experience within our wheelhouse offers supreme operational capabilities, along with a client satisfaction-centric prowess proven to augment the profits of healthcare organizations. This is all made possible by our cherry-picked recruits, with a management team staffed by the industries brightest, tendered, and well-seasoned personnel we have your practice covered from A-Z. With state-of-the-art tech, and finely tuned foresight allowing us to consistently deliver intelligent solutions that keep us ahead of healthcare curve.

In The Field


  • Primary Care
  • Specialists
  • Orthopedic
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatry
  • PMR
  • Rheumatology
  • And More

Providers choose AHM not only as their company for medical billing, but also as their practice management partner. Regardless of size or specialty, healthcare organizations desire AHM’s well-priced and productive medical billing services. We are the masters of tailoring and customizing exactly what you need based on the specialty and size of your practice. While we have all the devices troubleshoot digitally, we never pass on an opportunity to work with you in person. What it all boils down to is a phenomenal uptake in collections, alongside a healthy reduction of administrative burdens.


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