Leading the Way in In-Office Biologics Management

AHM is your partner in achieving advanced clinical outcomes through our technology-driven biologics services.

We amplify patient coverage while adeptly managing insurance risks to ensure consistent reimbursement. Our fusion of clinical efficacy and financial stability makes us a key player in this ever-evolving sector.


Our innovative platform harnesses technology to streamline product selection and reduce administrative burden, fortifying access to cutting-edge in-office HCT/P and wound care treatments. We enable physicians to revolutionize their practice by offering (1) A Broad Range of Insured Product Options, (2) Enhanced Patient Care, and (3) Superior Clinical Outcomes compared to traditional biologics management.

Our experienced team adeptly navigates the complexities of payer structures, LCD and MAC compliance. We optimize insurance coverage across multiple manufacturers, offering a seamless process for physicians. Simply submit a single prior authorization form, and within 48 to 72 hours, you'll receive a comprehensive summary of each product, including coverage breakdown and provider cost.

Our platform aggregates critical data on eligible products, fostering informed discussions with patients and guiding effective treatment selection. This blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized care establishes our platform as a vital tool in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Engineered for physicians seeking efficiency, precision, and advanced solutions, AHM is a transformative force in modern medicine.


Doctor Submits One Universal Benefit Verification Form


AHM Matches Product To Covered Insurance Plans Across Many Contracted Manufacturers


AHM Sends Summary Page To Doctor


Doctor Places Order


AHM Executes


PO Generation


Shipping Logistics


Graft Log Archive


Client Support Services


Accounting Support Services

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